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Your All-in-One Flooring Professionals

Palm Beach Flooring Pros provides premier flooring solutions in the Palm Beach County area with the best West Palm Beach flooring Contractors. We have complete offerings for all kinds of flooring, tiling, and carpeting services. Whether you need a flooring installation for your home or business, our team consists of the flooring professionals the Palm Beach FL locals can depend on for a job well done!

The perfect flooring job on a property can really change the entire look of the space. You can literally make your old property look brand new with just the right residential flooring materials and installation. We offer completely customizable services to meet your specific needs. You can choose from a wide range of options depending on what you are looking for! Check out the various categories of services we offer. Find the one that you desire and give us a call to talk through the details of your project.

When it comes to your West Palm Beach Floors, we believe that quality matters. In fact, quality is our main priority-no matter how big or how small your project may be. We can even handle Commercial Flooring to ensure your employees and customers are kept cool during business hours in the South Florida heat.

Our team of seasoned, dedicated and professional flooring installation contractors service the Palm Beaches and leave you feeling assured that you will receive a beautiful, efficient, and correct installation.

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A Variety of Flooring Materials to Choose From

When it comes to your Palm Beach Floors, we want to make sure that you choose the flooring material best suited for you and for your home. Residential Flooring is one of our specialties! Whatever style or material you need, we have it. We have a variety of materials anywhere from vinyl flooring, to hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, tile flooring, and even carpeting! We offer a variety of colors and finishes that are best suited for you. Your search for “West Palm Beach Flooring” stops here! Some interesting options to get you thinking of what kind of floor to install are listed below:

How do I Choose the Right Color and Materials?

  • Ask for a consultation with our professional flooring company to get expert recommendations. 
  • Look up photos online of the floor colors and materials you are considering to get an idea of what the final product will look like. 
west palm beach fl flooring
porcelain tile floor west palm beach
Tile Flooring

If you need Tile Flooring West Palm Beach, we offer our services for a competitive price with high quality work.

Hardwood Flooring

Hire our experts to install a quality hardwood floor for your home. The best wood flooring west palm beach has to offer.

Vinyl Planking

Want a vinyl floor installed for your Palm Beach fl home? Contact us today and we’ll get back to you with an estimate within 24 hours.

Carpet Flooring

Reach out to our experts to install your Carpet West Palm Beach to really give it that cozy feeling. We usually return calls and emails within 24 hours.

Hardwood Refinishing

Hire our experts to bring your Hardwood flooring West Palm Beach back to life!  We offer the wood flooring services Palm Beach has to offer.

Laminate Flooring

Rely on our experts to install the most excellent laminate flooring West Palm Beach has ever seen. We have over 50 years of combined experience.

Residential Flooring of the Palm Beaches FL

If you are looking for a quality services for West Palm Beach Flooring? The Palm Beach Flooring Pros offer installation for a competitive price, with high quality services! It is amazing how much a new floor can really bring a room to life and change the look and the feel of the space! Don’t mess it up by not letting a professional make sure it is done correctly. Our team of experts offer the best residential flooring Palm Beach County FL has ever seen. Our professional team can handle any project, no matter how big or how small. 

When it comes to interior flooring, you can choose from repairs and touch-ups, covering small areas or entire stories if you really want that seamless look throughout your home. We use premium quality flooring and surfacing materials when on the job. You can expect your new Palm Beach Floor to last a long time when you hire us to do it! Whether you have your flooring materials picked out or need some help deciding, we are happy to assist!

laminate flooring west palm beach

Choosing an interior floor color and material is very important, and so the color selection needs to be just right. It is important to match colors with the lighting and furnishings of a room.  Whether you are looking for interior flooring services for a residential or commercial property, our professionals will ensure a beautiful flooring installation that will exceed your expectations. Regardless of the colors or materials you choose from, the quality of the installation will always be top notch with us!

Wood Flooring West Palm Beach

Our Flooring professionals have mastered the craft of refinishing hardwood floors to make sure your Palm Beach Floors are looking their best.  You will not even believe it is the same floor after we are done with it! Our Contractors really know how to bring a beautiful hardwood floor back to life.

Curious about hos this all works anyways? The job begins after the room is fully cleared. The contractor will sand the old finish off the floors, repair any damaged areas and ensure all wood dust is cleared from the floors. The equipment used in refinishing wood floors is noisy. Stain is then often applied in two coats, creating a strong odor. When the stain is fully dry, three or more layers of polyurethane coating are applied and that too may create a strong odor. The living space will need to remain untouched for at least 24 hours after the polyurethane is applied.

Commercial Flooring of the Palm Beaches FL

residential flooring west palm beach

Do you own a big commercial property and want a total renovation? Or are you looking for the best solution to fix floors that are starting to wear? For any kind of Commercial Flooring West Palm Beach FL locals may need, we are here for you. Commercial flooring jobs require a professional flooring team and you can rest assured that your project will turn out amazing when you hire us.

We have a large team of highly qualified and professional flooring contractors in Palm Beach County and they can handle any kind of flooring job. No job is too big or too small for our team of expert flooring contractors. We will work with your schedule and budget to get this project completed correctly and efficiently.  When you are looking for Tile Flooring West Palm Beach we have got you covered with high quality and efficient services from our contractors.

If the job is to retouch or repair an existing area, we have tools and materials to match the color and finish to the existing floor to make it appear as seamless as possible. 

For new floors on an entire commercial property, we start the process from scratch. Depending on the type of area, our experts will suggest what to do if you are in need of some guidance. Our team will assist in each step- from selecting the right floor color to determining the best products and materials to use. Aside from ensuring the flawless finish of the flooring, we also ensure the safety of our workers. That is why our valued customers love working with us so much! We provide commercial flooring services for any kind of Palm Beach property including hospitals, educational institutes, gyms, malls, religious centers, and more. 

Why Should You Choose Us For Your West Palm Beach Flooring Needs?

There are many different flooring companies in Palm Beach County, but they don’t all have our skill and precision! If you are wondering why you should choose our services, here are the reasons our customers trust us:

  • We provide the best floor installation contractors Palm Beach County locals can count on.
  • Our team has a solution for everything from residential flooring to commercial flooring in Palm Beach.
  • We will work around your schedule.
  • Whether you have chosen residential flooring or commercial flooring West Palm Beach, the service quality will be top-notch either way.
  • We maintain affordable and competitive pricing.
  • We follow extensive safety precautions for each of our contractors.
  • We Ensure a Long-Lasting Floor.

If you do not want to spend money on flooring services again and again, it is important to have the job done right the first time. Here are several things to ensure a long- lasting floor job.

  • Always choose the best flooring contractors in West Palm Beach.
  • Never compromise on the quality to save money in the short term. It will end up costing you more in the long term.
  • It is important to select the right floor color and material that you will not regret, so take your time choosing.
  • Follow any instructions that our professional flooring contractors have given you. 
  • Make sure that you keep the floors clean and well-maintained. 
  • Make sure you are using the correct cleaning products that correlate to the flooring material you have chosen.
  • Make sure the correct finish or grout are completed and the floors are sealed. 

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